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Justice Served To Receive His Unrestrained Love

God is love but sin limited us from being able to experience the benefits of His love unrestrained because He is also just. Being a sinner required the due penalty served to us – death. God, rich in His mercy satisfied His justice by pouring out His wrath upon the body of Jesus so that you can freely receive the benefits of His unconditional and unrestrained love. Be empowered by the love of God to do all He has called for you to do! Join me live 4/6/2022 at 6 am CST on YouTube for this Word from the Lord! I hope you will also share it with those you know!

Fulfilling Destiny Group Coaching Course

For many, the 1st quarter of the year was very trying and some didn’t reach the goal milestones they planned to complete. The start is always the hardest part. There is hope and help! If you need assistance with initiating a process for completing your God-given goals, you should check out the Fulfilling Destiny Group Coaching Course. The course starts on May 5, 2022. Click the button to learn more and sign-up!

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