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Meet Danielle  

I’m so excited you landed on my page. I truly believe God has positioned people on your life's path to help you complete the journey that He has destined for you to take. It’s by no accident that you are here! My hope is that after getting to know more about me, you will prayerfully consider if I am one who God has purposed to help you pursue what He has called you to do.  If so, I am honored to take this exciting journey with you.

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Licensed Minister

One of the highlights of my life is when I became a licensed Christian minister. I had preached many sermons before licensure, but it was such an honor to be licensed for what I know God has called me to do. There are some experiences in life you just can’t keep to yourself and salvation is one of them. Since giving my life to Christ and experiencing "real-life" transformation, it became my passion to teach others what I've learned.  It’s said that the bible is the greatest book ever written, so why not use it as the basis for seeing success in life? That is my goal…to use God’s Word to bring about reflection, revelation, application, transformation, and victory in my life and in the lives of His people. I have truly seen the effects on women who have not identified with who they are in Christ. When women don’t know their true identity, they secretly suffer from indecisiveness, low confidence, lack of belonging, inability to develop meaningful relationships, and are often overly critical of themselves and others. My mission is to help women transition into a more fulfilled and purposeful life, make sound choices, walk in their divine calling, and finish the assignments that God has declared over them by helping to reveal the power and greatness that already exists within.  I am excited to share God's revelations with you, get to know you better, and support your journey.  Don't forget to sign up for the "Deeper with Danielle" newsletter and stay informed of faith tips for the journey.

Christian Education and Development Strategist

It’s amazing how God uses every moment and every experience for His good. As a graduate of The University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Bachelor of Science degree, I didn’t know that my occupation would play a part in His plan for my life, but it has. God is allowing me to use my expertise as an Instructional Designer to carefully observe and consider how individuals learn and create materials and methods that will be most effective in helping them to achieve their goals. I use the knowledge gained in Instructional Design to create, design, and deliver Christian educational learning tools. It was a delight to work many years as a Senior Instructional Designer for one of Houston’s largest hospitals systems and I am over joyed about using the wisdom and knowledge gained over the years for the kingdom of God to create faith-based courses and materials.

Family Oriented

My family is at the core of my priorities. When I look at the family that God has given me, I see His love for me. I have been married to my AMAZING husband for 14 years and we have 4 beautiful children. As a family, we enjoy spending time together (fishing, biking, watching movies, and playing sports). I believe true ministry first begins at home. God uses parents to equip the next generation. My husband and I don’t take it lightly that our priority is to show our children the love of Christ and instill Christ-centered values and principles into their hearts. My goal as a wife and mom is to take full advantage of the time I have been afforded with my family for God to be glorified through our lives.

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