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It’s time for you to use your passions, talents, and gifts to make a difference in the world. You were born in this time to help forge God’s plans on the earth. Your are equipped for His work.  He calls you victorious! When you truly discover who you are in Christ, you discover the wondrous gifts that were prepared and purposed for your life. 

A Virtual Interactive Experience

Our mission is to provide faith based virtual experiences for women to connect, learn, grow, be encouraged, and experience positive transformation to complete God-given goals.

Services Include

 Dominate Goals God's Way Course

Registration Is Open!

Personal Development Strategy Sessions

Sessions are available! Use the contact form to notify us of your interest! 


Sessions are infused with knowledge that reveal the ability, power, uniqueness, gifts, and talents that one possesses to complete their God-given calling.

Designed to tenaciously ignite women to move forward in fulfilling dreams so that they can experience the joy and fulfillment that comes along with it. 

Session are biblically-based with an emphasis on understanding God’s grace.

Facilitated by Danielle Brown and guest collaborations with some of today’s influential speakers to provide one with life application knowledge and the tools and resources needed to experience measurable outcomes in their personal and business endeavors.

Who Are The Courses For

Women who have started tasks in the past but lost the momentum to complete them and realize the encouragement, support, and sisterhood found in a community are needed to reach their personal and business objectives.

Women who want to learn proven and practical strategies and enhance or acquire the tools and needed resources for planning and execution of their goals. 

Women who allowed a misconception of who they are to stop them from pursuing their God-given dreams, but still have a desire for a deeper knowledge of the greatness they possess that will enable them to have favorable outcomes in life.

Women who desire to achieve something greater in life than themselves and need the support of other accountable and knowledgeable women that have successfully conquered stumbling stones on their life's path. 

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What’s In It For Me

Work with Danielle to breakthrough to the destiny God has prepared for you.

Gain insight on developing a deeper relationship with Christ.

Through the study of God's Word, you will gain awareness on how your relationship with Christ is the source to seeing results in life.

Discover who you truly are in Christ. 

A true understanding of your new identity found in Christ, will help defeat self-sabotaging thoughts so that you can courageously pursue the plans God destined for you.  

Through the use of resources, techniques, tools, and strategies provided, obtain measurable outcomes within your personal life, business, family, ministry, etc. 


Ready to Move Forward?

Select your area of interest and register today! 

Dominate Goals God's Way Course

Personal Development Strategy Sessions


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