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Goals are the promises from God that lead to an abundant life. A strategy to achieve your goals will unlock the door to your health and wealth.    

Young Businesswomen

Live and Virtual Experience

In six sessions you will obtain inspiration to fuel your passions, systems of approach, a plan of action, strategies, and templates to assist with the initiation and execution of your goals.

Settling for a life less than what's dreamed of is where most individuals find themselves. Burnt out with work, activities, events, and the day to day expectations of life has kept the majority from not pursuing the ambitions God has placed on their heart. If you need the push to step out and do the "thing" you've always imagined - Join The Course. 

Who Is This Course For?

Women who feel that there is more that they are called to do and no longer want to be complacent in their current situation of life.  

Women who have launched assignments in the past but lost the momentum to complete them and believe accountability, inspiration, resources, and support will aid them with accomplishing their dreams for 2023. 

Women who need assistance with identifying their God-given goals and developing a clear, measurable, and strategic way of attaining them.  

Women who are concerned about processing the "Call" that God has placed on their life and desire the aid of navigating the journey successfully and gracefully.

Women who want to gain clarity and confidence to move forward in pursuit of their aspirations.

Women who want to live a more prosperous life by completing the assignments God has destined for their life. 


You Can You Expect

Lessons on practical methods of combating mental hinderances that block goal completion.   

Accountability, encouragement, feedback, and guidance for pursuing your dreams.  

Realistic teaching, applicable instruction, templates, and resources that aid in organizing and creating a strategic plan for reaching ambitions.  

Insight on the application of scriptural instruction to bring about awareness and clarity of vision for steps of execution. 

Goal Achievement Strategy Course Details

  • All sessions are live, taught by Danielle Brown, interactive, and held via Zoom.

  • The course is scheduled weekly for 6 consecutive weeks.  

  • Choose the course day that fits your schedule.

    • Tuesdays @ 12 pm CST - 1 pm CST

    • Thursdays @ 7 pm CST - 8 pm CST

  • Course start and end dates:

    • The Tuesday course begins February 21, 2023 and ends March 28, 2023.

    • The Thursday course begins February 23, 2023 and ends March 30, 2023.

  • Last day to register: 

    • For the Tuesday course is February 19, 2023

    • For the Thursday course is February 21, 2023

If you have decided that this is the year in which you will use your gifts and talents to achieve the dreams that will make a huge impact in your life and those around you, join the course. Don’t continue to dream about the life you desire. Through faith, wisdom, and knowledge, take hold of all God has destined for your life.  

What Can You Expect

Still thinking about attending? Here's a review of the results of taking this course.


You will be provided the with the knowledge and tools to overcome fear, complacency, and procrastination to take immediate action towards your goals. ​


You will be given strategies for maintaining pursuit of your goals when "life happens."


You will be taught tips and systems that increase your productivity for goal completion.


You will receive insight on the importance of celebrating completing your goals before making new goals.


You will be given instruction on how  to develop personal and business goals and break them down into manageable action steps to secure your health and wealth


You will be equipped with the biblical principles of planning to reach your goals while maintaining a positive expected end in mind.



The door to a prosperous life is right before you. Open the door by joining the course .

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