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The Reward of Wisdom Part 2

Walking in wisdom is seeing things from God’s perspective with a desire for His will to prevail. This leads to an abundant life where every promise and blessing of God will manifest. Reading and meditating on God’s Word renews your mind to truth, and helps you tap into the wisdom of God. God’s Word promises that wisdom will bring you joy, health, long life, promotion, peace, honor, and riches.

Proverbs 4: 10-13 NLT My child,[b] listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life. 11 I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. 12 When you walk, you won’t be held back; when you run, you won’t stumble. 13 Take hold of my instructions; don’t let them go. Guard them, for they are the key to life.

Prayer for the Journey

Father, I know that your ways are not like man so, help me to see matters from your perspective and cooperate with you to advance your plan. Often, Your ways are not considered wise by the world standards, therefore, I pray for boldness to do your will at all times. Help me to remember that you are with me even if the world is against me. It’s a season of boldness in which I need you!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


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