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It Is What It Is...Hmmm Is It?

How many times have you encountered a trial and said to yourself, "IT IS WHAT IT IS?" This phrase is used to describes a situation that is less than ideal that one feels can't be changed. Remember, there is nothing that you can encounter in this world that Jesus has not yet overcome. There is always hope when you are in Christ. So, the next time you encounter a hardship, your response should not be "IT IS WHAT IT IS" yet it should be “IT IS WHAT GOD SAYS IT IS!"

Join me 4/28/2022 at 6am on YouTube to hear what God has said “it is” concerning the trials you may be experiencing in life. You can also watch the replay at your convenience.


I truly believe this year is about finishing what you start, but the start is often the hardest part! If you need guidance, assistance, or support on the journey of fulfilling destiny, I’m here for you! The Fulfilling Destiny Course starts May 5th and the sessions are LIVE and held via Zoom. Learn more here.

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