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You Are a World Changer

Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He made a mark in history that is known throughout the world! I am grateful to God for His courage to fight for equality among all people during the civil rights movement. We may never be known on a level as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but we too can make a mark in history that “can not be erased.”

The part that God has for you to play in establishing His will on earth will shape the course of history! We often don’t view our destiny with such magnitude but your part is needed and significant.

1 Corinthians 12:14-20 TPT 14 In fact, the human body is not one single part but rather many parts mingled into one. 15 So if the foot were to say, “Since I’m not a hand, I’m not a part of the body,” it’s forgetting that it is still a vital part of the body. 16 And if the ear were to say, “Since I’m not an eye, I’m not really a part of the body,” it’s forgetting that it is still an important part of the body. 17 Think of it this way. If the whole body were just an eyeball, how could it hear sounds? And if the whole body were just an ear, how could it smell different fragrances? 18 But God has carefully designed each member and placed it in the body to function as he desires. 19 A diversity is required, for if the body consisted of one single part, there wouldn’t be a body at all! 20 So now we see that there are many differing parts and functions, but one body.

Each of us together makes up the body of Christ and the body of Christ accomplishes God’s will when we are all functioning in the part we were designed to operate in. What is your role as a part of the body of Christ? Whatever it is that God has designed for you to do, WE NEED YOU! Let your light shine! It is my prayer that you will do everything with such integrity and excellence that men will recognize you and, in turn, you will bring recognition and honor back to our heavenly father. Remember, it is through your life and light that God will be able to draw men unto Him.

Prayer for the Journey

God, it is only through you that I can fulfill the destiny you prepared for me. Help me not to view my part as small or insignificant. I declare I will fulfill my part as a functioning member of the body of Christ. Thank you for choosing to use me.

In Jesus name, Amen!

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