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No Shame Here

Disappointments experienced in life can often cause one to doubt God’s promises. When your hope and expectation are set on what God has destined for your life, trust that God will not let you down. You will not be put to shame when your hope is in what God has already done!

Join me live on YouTube 5/12/2022 at 6am CST to hear more on this topic. You can also watch the replay at your convenience. Please consider helping me spread the gospel by sharing this message with someone you know. Thank you!


The 2022 Devotional Planner is still available on Amazon! I am excited to announce that this planner is #1 in the search category of Devotional Planners on Amazon with 19 - 5 star reviews! I am so grateful that God has blessed this project and many are saying how it has been a blessing with helping them organize their lives. Purchase one for yourself or someone who you want to see win in life!

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