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My Ground Is Good

When God’s Word is planted in good ground (your heart), it will produce a great harvest. Watch the YouTube Live replay.


The Prayer for the Journey email (sent every Monday) will now contain the link to Thursday’s Live devotional video on YouTube. I realized an additional email was not needed on Thursday because subscribers to the YouTube page are alerted via email by YouTube when I go live. For this reason, I will no longer send out an additional email for the YouTube devotional video. If you have not already done so, please subscribe to the YouTube page.

To watch the live videos on YouTube, click the videos tab and then select Live. A list of all the live videos will display!


The mid-year Devotional Planner by Deeper with Danielle is extremely useful for educators, college students, and parents who have kids in an academic program because it aligns with the school year. Plan with the Word of God in mind by purchasing the midyear, July 2022 – June 2023, 12-month Devotional Planner by Deeper with Danielle here.

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