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Hope after Disappointment

When my husband and I were believing God for our first home, the process didn't go at all as I expected. We prayed, sought God's direction, and found a home we thought God wanted for us. I loved this home and truly thought God wanted it for my family and me, so my husband and I believed that the process of obtaining it would work out favorably on our behalf. Well, the plan for moving into our dream home didn't go through. They gave the home to another family and I was devastated. I thought I had heard God's direction and felt let down!

I know you may be thinking Danielle, it's just a home. For me, it was more than just about the home. I thought to myself, I have a relationship with God, how did I miss His direction. Why did He let me continue to believe I had heard Him, only to be let down!

One day I was talking with a friend, openly discussing my feelings of being let down by God and she said, "Danielle, if you know God's voice, maybe it's your home, but in another location." That word sparked something in me too difficult to put into words to describe it. It ignited hope in me again to go out and look for the home God had for me. However, although I was hopeful, I was hesitant. I didn't want to be let down again, I didn't think my heart could take that. So, I told that to the Lord. I expressed to Him my heart of fearing He would let me down, and here is what He said..."You can put your trust in me, I will not let you down!" I trusted God again and found the almost exact home in another location.

There are many reasons in which things don't work out exactly as expected that I truly can't explain, but here is what I do know, God is faithful and He is a good father! When you feel as though you have been let down, you need a WORD FROM THE LORD to go forward and believe again. A WORD FROM THE LORD is not just you reading your bible but it is His direct Word to you regarding the matter. For example, you may read your bible one day but as you are reading, a scripture may be echoed in your heart as if God is speaking that Word directly to you. That is your WORD FROM THE LORD and your promise to trust in!

God's Word is a seed. Now imagine a seed as a container that automatically brings with it these things:

  1. Faith: an ability to believe in what is not seen

  2. Power: an ability to do what needs to be done to see the results

  3. Hope: an earnest expectation

In 2021, many of you experienced trials, hardships, disappointments, let-downs, and frustrations! After all you experienced, you may wonder how can you be hopeful for a great year? I believe you need a WORD FROM THE LORD. Here is what God says about His Word in Isaiah 55:11 NLT - It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.

Please don't start this year without a WORD FROM THE LORD! Make it a priority to spend time with Him to receive His direction and guidance for all that He has for you in 2022. May He give you a Word that brings with it faith, power, and hope! May the Lord clearly speak to your heart in a way that you know it's Him and not you!

Prayer for the Journey

Father, today I am reminded again that you are a good father! If we on earth know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will you give good gifts to your children who ask (Matthew 7:11 paraphrased). Lord, I need a Word from you concerning this year. It is your Word that fuels me with hope and expectancy. I may have experienced difficult moments in 2021 but today I a reminded that you are not the source of the bad in my life. I know I can't escape the troubles of this world but I'm grateful for an expected end of good. "If it's not yet good, then it's not the end" (quote from Pastor Archie Collins)! I look forward to all you will do in 2022! In Jesus name, Amen!

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