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Having the Right View of You

The perspective you have of yourself has a great influence on what you believe you are capable of doing. God wants to use your life to change the world but this great assignment becomes difficult to pursue when your focus is only on you.

The children of Israel were given a promise of having their own land but it would take their cooperation by fighting giants who were already occupants of it. Rather than focusing on God's promise, presence, and power being with them...they focused only on themselves and in their perspective, looked like grasshoppers in comparison to the giants.

When you don't view who you are and your abilities to accomplish the task at hand through God, your view of who you are will always be small compared to the task at hand. The scripture says in Acts 17:28 that it is in Christ we live and function and have our identity. In Christ, you can view yourself as courageous, strong, bold, enough, and victorious. God has given you a new identity and His promise that you will win.

When you know God and know the power He has given you, you can be strong, stand firm, and do great exploits (Daniel 17:32).

Prayer for the Journey

Thank you for your Son Jesus who has given me a new identity. Today, I make a decision, to no longer view myself as inadequate, powerless, incapable, condemned, scared, and unintelligent. Through you, I have been transformed and can do all that you are asking me to do. I know the journey will not be easy but I am reminded that there is always a favorable outcome. I realize that fighting the giants that possess the land I am to inherit, provides an experience in which I can depend on you and see your promises come through. It is through this experience that I can see the new creature you have made me to be that will allow me to come out with the victory. In Jesus name, Amen!

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