Holy Spirit - "My Help"

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Prayer for the Journey Devotional

Holy Spirit - "My Help"

The moment a child enters the world, they are dependent upon someone else to provide for their needs. As the child grows and matures, their environment begins to shape their perspective. If a child grows up in an environment where his/her needs are met, the child is often more apt to trust and depend on others. However, if the child grows up in an environment where his/her needs are not met, the child will adapt by learning self-sufficiency techniques to be less dependent upon others. If not careful, those who develop ways to compensate for a lack of being able to rely on others may also find themselves having difficulty fully depending on God.

Jesus sits at the right hand of the father, and all Christians are His ambassadors on earth. We each have a part to play in helping transform this world to look more like His kingdom. This is a great task that God never intends for us to do alone. However, many often find themselves trying to complete the work God has assigned without His help or the help of others because of a subconscious thought developed that nothing or no one is dependable.

Today, be reminded of the help God has provided unto you. He has given you the gift of Holy Spirit. 1 John 14:26 ERV But the Helper will teach you everything and cause you to remember all that I told you. This Helper is the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name. The task of forgiving, transitioning to a new career, yielding to a healthier lifestyle, learning something new, etc., doesn’t have to be done alone. God wants you to depend on him for help. He is not like man and will not let you down.

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Prayer for the Journey

Father, in trying to protect my heart from the pain of letdowns, I have at times not fully depended on you. Help me to not allow the pain of past experiences with flawed humans to shape my perception of who you are. Today, I am reminded you are not like men. You are a Holy God who is faithful, merciful, forgiving, and unconditionally loving. Thank you for being my present help in any moment of need.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen!



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Thank you for allowing me to be an encouragement to you on your journey in life. The Lord recently led me to change the topic structure of Deeper with Danielle in which I now only discuss one topic per month. This change has truly shown to be impactful allotting me more time to expound on a single topic. Now that Deeper with Danielle's weekly YouTube videos will be centered around one topic each month, the Monday Prayer for the Journey Devotional will only be sent as a newsletter on the first Monday of every month. So, here is a recap of what you can expect to receive from Deeper with Danielle:

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