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Registration Closed

Why the Unveiling True Purpose Course?
  1. To reveal one’s life purpose from a biblical perspective that debunks the world's view and adds significance and meaning to one's creation.

  2. To help women make the most of their time here on earth by knowing and progressing in what God has called for them to do. 

  3. To help women unveil God's will for their lives which will allow them to clearly see where their focus should be. 

  4. To provide scriptural instruction and vital steps to overcome barriers that prevent one from walking in purpose.


Who Is This Courses For

Women who have launched assignments in the past but lost the drive to complete them and realize the encouragement, support, and sisterhood found in a community are needed to experience measurable outcomes.  ​

Women who feel that there is more that they are called to do and no longer want to be complacent in their walk. 

Women who are concerned about processing the "Call" that God has placed on their life and want to navigate the journey of life successfully and gracefully according to purpose.

Women who allowed a misconception of who they were to stop them from pursuing their God given dreams and have a desire for a deeper knowledge of the greatness they possess that will enable them to have assessable outcomes in life.

Women who want their efforts to positively impact their life and others.

Women who don't have a clue what they are called to do.  This course is for you too!


What Can I Expect

A safe space for expression without judgment.

Accountability and encouragement for the journey.

Practical teachings that are applicable for everyday use.

Insight on the application of scriptural instruction.

Biblically-based to bring about awareness and clarity of vision for steps of execution. 

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What Will I Learn

Session 1 

Purpose Unveiled

  1. The true purpose of your creation from a biblical view.

  2. Truths about purpose that dispute common myths.

  3. The connection of gifts and assignments for the fulfillment of purpose.

Session 3

Opportunities for Purpose

3 biblical principles that will help expose assignments that allow you to utilize your gifts and talents for the fulfillment of purpose.

  • Experiencing intimacy with Christ.

  • Being alert and watchful.

  • Having a submitted heart.

Session 2 

Breaking the Barrier to Purpose

3 biblical principles that aid you with attacking inferior dominating thoughts that pose a barrier to walking in purpose.

  • Purpose is predestined.

  • Purpose is given without repentance.

  • Purpose has been prepared and preordained for success.

Session 4

Answer the Call

Our guest speaker, Chanell Finley, will provide words of wisdom to empower you to say yes to what God is asking you to do. 

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What’s In It For Me

Work with Danielle to breakthrough to the destiny God has prepared for you.
4 Instructor Led Sessions
Interactive Corresponding Exercises
Q&A Sessions

1:1 Clarity Call with Danielle

Certificate of Completion


Danielle Brown, Host

Danielle is a licensed minister, vlogger, and instructional designer, passionate about creating faith-based materials to help women experience real-life transformation and successfully pursue "The Call" on their lives. Her belief is as women develop a deeper relationship with Christ, they can discover who they truly are in Him and win in every area of their lives. Danielle has seen the effects of women not knowing their identity. Secretly, they often suffer from indecisiveness, low confidence, lack of belonging, inabilities to develop meaningful relationships, and unhealthy critical thoughts of themselves and/or others. Danielle’s mission is to help women transition into more fulfilled and purposeful lives, make sound choices, and walk in their divine calling by understanding the power and greatness that already exists within them. Danielle has integrated her biblical knowledge and over 10 years of expertise in instructional design to create faith-based, educational experiences and materials  that help women develop from within and become empowered to finish the race that God has given them to run.  She graduated from the University of Louisiana at Monroe with a Bachelor of Science degree. Danielle is happily married and has 4 amazing children.

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Chanell Finley,
Session 4 Guest Speaker

Chanell has been a licensed minister for over 16 years and is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over sixteen years of clinical experience. She is both owner and primary therapist of CF Counseling & Consulting, a private mental health practice and consulting business. Chanell believes we all have the ability to overcome adverse experiences. She believes gaining the courage to confront and heal past hurts provides one the present freedom to fully live life with hope, joy and purpose - God's preordained plan for all of us.

Chanell credits her faith as the driving force in her confronting and healing her own past hurts, and in her ability to help others excel and achieve their God- inspired dreams. Chanell is the proud wife to her husband of 20 years and mother to four beautiful children.

Overview of Course Details

This course is currently not open for registration. 

This course has 4 scheduled weekly sessions and each course session is 1.5 hours long.

All course sessions are instructor-led, interactive, and held via Zoom. 

Sessions are every Tuesday from 7-8:30pm CST.

Bonuses that accompany this course:

  1. Digital Workbook

  2. 1:1 Clarity Call with Danielle

  3. Empowerment Session with guest speaker Chanell Finley

  4. Certificate of Completion

Not able to attend but would like to give a gift to help grant a scholarship for someone who is unable to afford a course in the Deeper with Danielle Institute?  Click Here! 

Registration Opening Soon!

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