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God has a plan for your life! The July 2022- June 2023 Devotional Planner for women is designed to help encourage you on the journey of pursuing all God has called for you to do. This easy-to-use 12-month devotional planner will help you remain focused on Christ while following God’s plan for your life.
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“Helping women develop a deeper relationship with Christ to win in every area of life.”

You have been assigned a part to play in establishing God’s will on earth. God has promised that the assignments He has prepared for you to complete would be good, perfect, and pleasing. Danielle believes all women can be victorious in fulfilling what God has called for them to do!  Her motto is "Once they discover who they truly are in Christ and the gifts He has equipped them with, they are enabled to have success in life."  Her desire is for every woman to come into the full knowledge and revelation of God's grace so that they can realize they have been given every tool to complete their assigned race. Danielle's goal is to help women process God's call on their lives. Her excitement for encouraging, training, mentoring, and supporting others through God's  purposes and promises pushes her to pursue and unveil truthful elements of victory and success. 

Why should I work with Deeper with Danielle?

Deeper with Danielle offers spiritual mentorship and encouragement; fuel to keep you motivated and engaged for victory to win purposefully.

In a marathon, there are many stations set up along the route to assess and fulfill runners needs.  These stations are strategically positioned to provide places for runners to replenish with food and water, repair equipment, obtain medical assistance, etc.  Each runner has access to each of these stations that provide supplies, aide, and support to help refuel, renew, and repair areas that are necessary to safely finish the race. 


The plan God has for your life will require endurance, strength, and courage. A continuous refilling is necessary for a strong finish. You will need to make stops at aid stations while on your assigned race.  I am honored to be placed as one of the stations on your journey where you can receive biblical knowledge that will be a source of encouragement to finish the race that God has given you to run.  We are all in the same marathon and God has created us to be interdependent. Each of us require the help and support of others.

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Danielle's ability to teach God's Word from such a practical place is both inspiring and profound.

Deeper with Danielle is a ministry that stirs my heart for God over and over again. Danielle's ability to teach God's Word from such a practical place is both inspiring and profound. Her revelation of grace and God's unconditional love for us resonates in every Spirit-led message she articulates. Deeper with Danielle nudges me to not stay in a shallow place in my faith walk, but to immerse myself in God's Word; so that I may remain confident in trying times knowing that I am truly His and He is truly mine.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Behavioral Health Consultant, and Speaker

Danielle shares God's Word from an experiential standpoint to make her lessons practical and applicable.

Her lessons provide encouragement and inspires  me daily. I love how Danielle shares God's Word from an experiential standpoint while infusing transparency of personal events that make her lessons practical and applicable. I feel refueled to complete what God has called me to do. 

Lawyer and Minister of the Gospel

4 Ways to Work With Me

Stop complacency, stagnation, and procrastination. Decide to move forward faithfully and conquer, defeat, and destroy the hinderances that are blocking God's promises and purposes.

Fulfilling Destiny Group Coaching Course

If you want 2022 to be a year in which you complete all you set out to do, then the group coaching course is for you.


In this group coaching course, you will receive spiritual encouragement, knowledge backed by biblical principles, strategies, resources, and templates to help you establish a plan that will help you reach your God-given goals.

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Individual Christian Life Coaching

God has a predestined plan for your life. Let's work together to determine where you are and where you believe God desires for you to be. Through this individualized session, we will use scriptural truths to draw out the gifts and talents God has given you and develop strategies to overcome obstacles so that you can boldly fulfill God's will. 

Complete the contact form and let us know you are interested in booking an Individual Christian Life Coaching session.

Unveiling True Purpose Course

Are you ready to discover what you were made to do and say yes to the plan God created for you? If your answer is yes then this course was designed specifically with you in mind. 

The Unveiling True Purpose Course reveals one's life purpose from a biblical perspective that debunks the world's view and adds significance and meaning to one's creation. Through this course, you will be empowered and encouraged to make the most of your time here on earth by knowing and progressing in what God has assigned for you to do.


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Danielle's mission is to help women transition into a more fulfilled and purposeful life, make sound choices, walk in their divine calling, and finish the assignments that God has declared over them by helping to reveal the power and greatness that already exists within. 


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